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Abstract. ζ(z) = 1 + ΣV(vz - 1 )-1 is a completely equivalent expression of the zeta function in terms of the non-power integers.

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The paper establishes identities for the zeta function by splitting the sum terms in accordance with whether the denominator is a perfect power or not and the geometric series identity allows the interesting forms to occur. I will be spending some time in the near future polishing up the paper for possible publication. In the mean time, please do feel free to contact me regarding this subject, particularly if you have a desire to get involved in this research or have something to add to it.

2. Paper

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I am still soliciting comments, feedback and assistance in preparing this paper for peer review publication.

Download the paper in PDF PDF - Zeta Function Identities Over the Non-Powers. , DVI DVI - Zeta Function Identities Over the Non-Powers. or Postscript PS - Zeta Function Identities Over the Non-Powers. format.

I am also currently asking for someone in the mathematical community who has sponsoring authority on to vouch for me such that I may post the final paper and others on the site. Please contact me by email with "ArXiv" in the subject line to discuss this issue.

3. Resources

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Under Construction


Links to related material

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New Sloane's OEIS Sequences inspired by this paper.

Links to this page.

4. Additional Material

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Mathematica notebook

5. Discussion

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On-Line Discussion Elsewhere

Comments, discussion and material contributions related to this paper.

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