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Abstract. Besides this website, a quality of an imagination and a questioning science that doesn't actually exist and hopefully finds nothing. Eventually, a charitable foundation that will take no applications, rather proactively identify, investigate and offer support to self motivated, latent genius, or even early genius that has been subdued, but can still be salvaged.

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Introduction 2.Imathination And Imathinary Elements 3.How Could It Be? 4.Who Cares? 5.There is Nothing Wrong With Science 6.Why Me? 7.Where My Head Is At


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"Imathination" initially struck me as a great word to describe the flavor of my own imagination. And the word also fits a notion I often ponder in context while researching a topic.

The question is: could it be, here and there, in some way or another, with all this mathematical modeling to hypothesize, measure and confirm some phenomenon, we have inadvertently picked up the wrong idea about some aspect of the phenomenon because the math itself has generated a "pattern" or "behavior" into the mathematical results, but the pattern or behavior does not actually exist in the phenomenon being studied?

Such a pattern or behaviour would be an imathinary element. It may be a figment of my imathination, but it is a good and fruitful question to consider, regardless of the answer. It is a long term research question for me and is part of the reason I was driven to write this web site.

2. Imathination And Imathinary Elements

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Definition 1. Imathination
1.1. An Imagination
The imagination of a person when characterized by a propensity and compulsion towards mathematics and which exists independently of the possessing mind's mathematical maturity, education level or irrelevant personality traits.
1.2. A Questioning Science
A scientific endeavor which seeks to assay the strengths and limitations, if any, of mathematical structures used by the sciences to model phenomena otherwise inaccessible to the human senses.
Definition 2. Imathinary Element
A perceived pattern, behavior or aspect ascribed to some phenomenon under study, when in fact, the pattern, behavior or aspect arises exclusively from the existence and use of mathematical modeling in the chain of interpretation of the phenomenon only, and the phenomenon under study does not actually exhibit or possess said pattern, behavior or aspect.

3. How Could It Be?

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There are patterns in numbers in and of themselves. These are the very patterns that allow us to navigate our numbering system in the first place. We used our mathematical system to initially model, describe and test classic physical world notions such as temperature, energy, distance, mass, time, gravity, force,...and then we built models on those, entropy, kinetic energy, momentum, Doppler shift,...and having accepted these models as error-free and reliable, we designed more complex models to convey theories and a few more to give a basis for the proper measurement and interpretation of experimental results. From this process, we have gleaned a lot of information about our universe and our own existence within in it.

Imagine some existing science that studies phenomenon not directly accessible to our senses. Mathematical modeling must be used to accurately predict the hypothesized model of the phenomenon before any theory could be widely accepted.

Some of our schemes and means for getting from "that which a naked human can measure" to "proof of phenomenon", are elaborate, and nothing would be possible without the math. Everything between nudity and theorem involves a conglomeration of mathematical models, otherwise, we never make it to theorem.

Our conceptions are grounded by our human sensory experience here at the scale where we exist during our lives. Mathematical modeling is itself built based on our perception of the physical world. If the perception is skewed, the model is skewed, but still, they remain mutually, mathematically consistent with each other. They will tell truth from a perspective, but not necessarily give one an appreciation of truth.

4. Who Cares?

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Until any affected science identifies and mitigates the imathinary element, it cannot describe or perceive the phenomenon in it's entirety, or in it's fullest context, or without a bias or limitation imposed by ascribing the imathinary element to the phenomenon. As a science, imathination's first task is to research how imathinary elements could be possible and how they might be found, and then to look for them. Any affected scientific works would bear re-examination in light of the imathinary element's effect so as to enhance our understanding and conceptualization and to bridge gaps between phenomena previously thought disparate.

5. There Is Nothing Wrong With Science

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Imathination, as a science, seeks not to challenge, debunk or replace anything, but rather, to uncover, enrich, fertilize, catalyze and expand human knowledge.  Imathination strives to be a doctor whose fondest wish is to conclude a state of perfect health.  But the doctor doesn't exist and why should the patient be willing to undergo examination?

6. Why Me?

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A fresh perspective, a different approach, another way of looking at things, a new set of eyes and ears, fresh blood -- A virtue? A strength?, A dream? A delusion?. I possess something akin to an organic way of looking at math and numbers and it is of no use to anyone unless I can describe it using the existing tools of the trade, of which I currently possess few. Perhaps not a strength, but perhaps an immunity of sorts. Lacking in experience, training, self sufficiency and confidence, I suppose, but almost certainly, also lacking certain inevitable, clouding paradigms induced preemptively on my would-be peers by systems of formal education.

7. Where My Head Is At

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As I progress in my studies and research, I want to remain mindful of imathinary possibilities. But I don't want to make a big deal about it. I accept that it could be just plain stupid and I'll figure out why along the way. I have no desire to make any outlandish claims nor have anyone attack me for simply expressing an idea. I do not intend to carry a flaming torch and wave it in everybody's face. I simply want it to be O.K. that I am staying mindful of the matter. After all, I'm the only volunteer I see willing to look into it. If there's anything to it, any secrets to be gleaned or new perspectives to be had, it is worthy of investigation - please allow me. I post this information as a means to call any related work on the subject to my attention, please let me know if you know of anything like this out there. As my perspective changes, I may abandon these inquiries if I reach a point where I see the questions as silly, or inpenetrable. In the mean time, there are sniffs in my nose and whisps in my peripheral vision that a waving hand cannot seem to clear.

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