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Abstract. Excuse the confuse please, no offense intended, it's not you I am trying to put off, rest assured.

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Introduction 2.Digital 3.Post 4.Thank You For Indulging Me


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I have simply written it this way to avoid automated contact devoid of human intervention. I know you know why I did it, hopefully the machines don't yet.

2. Digital

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"At", is all you really need to know to send something that will get through.  I may alter the leftmost pictured string to an uninfected alternate if the word gets out, so please check here for any update if you get bounced or receive no reply.

3. Post

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4. Thank You For Indulging Me

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Or putting up with me, however you look at it. If you'd like me to start, why not visit my contribute page and participate in the secure on-line process, thus guaranteeing at least a hello and thank you from me :)


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