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Abstract. is really just me, I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea.

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Mathematically minded

2. About This Site

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This site is written in html and css2 with no scripts or dhtml as yet (but you may get an active content warning from IE - it's caused by the encrypted
button used to link to the secure donation website for

Imathination is designed to be viewable, readable and navigable down to a fairly narrow browser window width, and to remain decently proportioned even as text size is scaled up and down in the user's browser (Ctrl+ and Ctrl- in FireFox, In I.E., choose view-->text size-->).

Overall, FireFox is better because it handles resizable PNG graphics while maintaining a transparent background, it properly renders the outline borders on the hover pseudo-element and it allows html tables to be used as a hyperlink. Internet Explorer will display the hover effect on a hyperlinked table and display the target of the link in the message window, but when you click, the hyperlink doesn't work, I have added alternate links under affected blocks until I find a fix. IE does properly handle vertical alignment of an in-line box within flowing text and FireFox is nothing but frustration trying to accomplish this, so some of the in-line math really looks like crap in FireFox.

3. About Imathination Shops

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Each Imathination Shop is created at Logo where it is free to set-up a shop and upload your designs. All purchases are printed on demand, so there's no inventory or overhead for the shop-keeper. All purchases are made on's secure site and may be returned within 30 days for any reason. All proceeds from my shops benefit

Have a great idea or need for a custom product, but don't have the graphics skills or patience to learn how to do it at CafePress? Say, for example, a batch of custom postcards to serve as invitations to your conference, or T-shirts or mugs or posters to give out at the conference? Perhaps you'd like to see a tweak to one of my existing designs? Then, please consult with me, I can make a high quality design based on your idea and create a shop where you can then purchase the product.

4. About Donations

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As is not yet an incorporated non-profit foundation, your donations do not currently give any tax benefits. Donations are handled on the secure servers and website (an EBay Company) and the donation page for can be accessed by clicking
wherever it appears on this site.

5. About The Author

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I was born in Ohio and had a fairly standard upbringing with 2 parents, 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I received a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from the University of Dayton and have been on my own, working for a living, mostly in safety related fields, ever since. I had no appreciation for the true beauty of math at the time. My mind matured after college when both halves of my brain opened up. My artistic side had been suppressed or was dormant or had not yet matured.

Besides math, I have a penchant for writing, even though I stink, and singing, even though I can't read music, and acting, for which I have actually accomplished something. In addition to acting in many amateur plays and musicals, I have also directed several productions, produced a couple and acted on the professional stage with Richard Thomas under the direction of Mark Lamos at The Hartford Stage Company. In more recent years, I have become involved in several independent films.

My IMDB Profile Page does not show all of the features I appear in, or am slated to appear in, which include:

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