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Abstract. Stanislaw Ulam discovered his spiral in 1963 and it was featured on the cover of Scientific American in 1964. The discourse on the phenomenon is not at all exhausted, however, I do refrain from repeating what others say about it and simply include links to pertinent sites.

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Introduction 2.Pertinent Sites 3.Notes on What's Going On 4.Animations 6.after that 7.maybe

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In as much as this is a tribute page, I don't say too much except to explain some of the pictures. Check out the links in section 2 to explore the mathematics further.

2. Web Resources Pertinent to Ulam's Spiral.

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3. Notes on What's Going On

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4. Animations

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Small Animation of a Rotating 3D Square Spine Spiral Tiny Rotating Animation of the 3D Square Spine Spiral Large Animation of a Rotating 3D Square Spine Spiral

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6. After That

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7. Maybe

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